graphic showing Biking, Walking, Running and more
Biking, Walking, Running and More

What is this project?

There are great benefits to being able to reach a destination by walking, running or biking – also known as active transportation. Snohomish County Public Works recognizes the importance of improving the pathways we use for these types of transportation options. As such, it has created the Pathways for Active Transportation program to improve residents’ access to these paths and their connectivity by developing a county-wide vision and a plan to make that vision a reality.

This online open house is your opportunity to give feedback on how to improve Snohomish County’s active transportation infrastructure. Please let us know how you get there and what specific county improvements can be made to improve our Pathways for Active Transportation.

How to use this online open house

  • Let us know how you get around via the county’s active transportation pathways by giving feedback on your pedestrian and bicycle use.
  • Share your thoughts about specific improvements or changes that could be made to improve your access and connectivity on an interactive comment map.
  • Complete the online open house and subscribe to receive project information as planning progresses.
  • You can visit the site as many times as you wish.
  • Share this website with others who may be interested in the project.
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Pedestrian carrying bags on a sidewalk near a busy street.

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